Taiwan Shunfa Extra Virgin Oil

Belgium Gold Award Winner

The Most Prestigious Extra Virgin Tea and Perilla Oil

From the United States to Canada, passing through Japan and China in every corner of kitchens with cooking oils, the Shunfa's extra virgin oils, like tea oil, perilla oil and almond oil, has received medals and prestigious international awards that certify its supreme quality!

Taiwan's Healthy Ingredients

The tea seeds and perilla seeds are from Taiwan's high mountains. We produce every bottle of oil from Taiwan's land, which denote a very high concentration of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants. It contains more than Polyphenols compared to the most of the oils on the market.

Unique Design and Innovative Packaging

We cooperate with designers to create the most innovative oil pourer and gift boxes in order to guarantee to our customers an unforgettable experience.

Prestigious Customers Worldwide

Present in over 7 countries worldwde with an internationally recognized premium brand. We supply the most prestigious brands in the world of five starred chefs, restaurants, hotels, gourmet shops and airlines, creating a truly tailored service for our customers.

2023 Award

The cooperation of five starred chefs in hotels

2020 Award

The best selection fo Gift Box by Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2018 Award

Monde Selection Gold Medal

2016 Award

Monde Selection Gold Medal

2015 Award

Monde Selection Bronze Medal

2014 Award

The best Taiwan Gift by Japan FRaU Megazine

2013 Award

Taiwan's gift of year award by Hong Kong Media