Taiwan Shunfa Extra Virgin Oil

Belgium Gold Award Winner

From Seed To Bottle To Gift

To ensure our high quality standards we do the entire production process ourselves – from tree to bottle to gift.

Taiwan's extra virgin tea and perilla oil are known worldwide for their exceptional quality and unique herbal flavor because of Taiwan's warm climate and clean high mountain water farming. Our tea seeds and perilla seeds are grown through sustainable and certified farming practices. The harvest timing is a critical factor in determining oil quality and flavor. We carefully control our harvest to maximise quality and ensure nutrious and healthy oil is produced.

We are proud to receive numerous awards since establishment in 1961. In 2020 Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose SHUNFA as the offical gifts for foreign guests.

Belgium Monde Selectoin

SHUNFA has been developing the new techniques and spirit of cold pressing since 1961. Now, we have 15 kinds of healthy oils with different flavors, suitable for eastern and western cuisine, allowing many consumers to taste the most unique deliciousness!

2018 Monde Selectoin Gold Medal - Extra Virgin Perilla Oil

2016 Monde Selectoin Gold Medal - Extra Virgin Almond Oil

2015 Monde Selectoin Bronze Medal - Extra Virgin Tea Oil

SHUNFA provides high-quality cold-pressed oil products. We cooperates with local five-star hotels in Taiwan to provide chefs with cold-pressed oil products. All our products are made from Taiwanese local raw materials. Discussing with chefs while improving the production of cold-pressed oil upgrade our technology and quality year by year

Taiwan’s prestigious raw materials

SHUNFA has 50 years of experience in selecting high-quality nuts and seeds. We insist on using Taiwan local raw materials because its pleasant weather and clean high mountain water source. We looking for high-quality products based on a better understanding of the seed origin, climate, humidity, seed size, weight, freshness and other standards of nuts in Taiwan.

SHUNFA only purchases the highest quality raw materials to ensure the taste and freshness of the products, so that consumers can enjoy value-for-money rewards! Over the years, we believe the concept of "better raw material is good for health".

The most popular high-quality oil of mother consumer evaluation

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